Mahesh Dalamal  – 10 Tips for Living in Dubai

Living in Dubai is wonderful – it is a vibrant, colourful and motivating place which inspires a lot of people. In fact, there are many people from around the world that have chosen to make Dubai their home. There are around 9.2 million people living in Dubai and around 7 million are expats – which is a large proportion of the population! And for a good reason – it is a great place to live and work!

If you are considering a move to Dubai from overseas, here are 10 tips we feel will help you settle in!

1. Familiarize yourself with crucial numbers – ambulance, police, fire service and emergency hospitals. It is easy to forget to do this but it is very important!

2. Learn a little Arabic – even though Dubai is very multilingual, it can certainly help to learn a few common phrases and it shows you are willing to make an effort with local people who will love to help!

3. Take time to learn about tax and the relevant tax laws in Dubai as they will definitely be different to your home country. As with tax in any country, it is always worth speaking to a professional in this area.

4. Get to know the roads – we drive on the right in Dubai but this may be different to your home country. When you get to Dubai, familiarize yourself with the roads during off peak hours when the traffic is less busy.

5. Walk around your local area and find out where the essential shops, malls and other amenities are. Make a point of learning street and neighbourhood names as this will help you find your bearings!

6. Organise your mobile phone and choose a provider – there are currently 2 main ones in the UAE.

7. Apply for a liquor license – you need one in order to drink alcohol as the UAE is a Muslim country and does not promote it at all. However, the government has made allowances for its large expat population and alcohol is available at licensed venues such as hotels and restaurants.

8. Familiarize yourself with opening times of shops and local amenities. Some close during the peak of heat in the afternoon and also during certain times around Ramadan.

9. Be sensitive to Islamic culture – be aware of the culture and dress modestly when in public. Try and be aware of local traditions and be respectful. It will be most appreciated!

10. Have fun! Dubai is a great place with live and work with lots of exciting things going on daily! There are markets, beaches, watersports, and much more. Remember to make the most of living there and enjoy yourself!


Mahesh Dalamal at Creative Zone helps businesses and entrepreneurs set up in Dubai, including organising all the relevant paperwork, financials and tax information. Mahesh Dalamal knows all there is to know about moving to Dubai and can take all the pressure of you! Whether you are ready to make the move now or want to find out more, enquire now!